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    No need to travel to Alaska to buy your own crab legs. At Surf and Turf Nebraska, we offer Alaskan king crab legs shipped overnight. Our crabs are wild caught in the cold waters of Bristol Bay and Norton Sound. Nearly 100 boats fish in the area collectively harvest millions of pounds of Red King Crab in a 2-3-month period. The meat is snow-white with bright red highlights from the orange shell. It's impossible to enjoy Alaskan Crab any fresher - unless of course you travel to Alaska and catch them yourself!

    Serving Size - There are many variables to consider here, including who you are feeding and what you will be serving alongside the crab legs. If you are serving crab lovers with a moderate-to-large appetite, we would suggest between 1-2 pounds of crab legs per "equivalent adult" (i.e. - two children might equal 1 adult, and one lineman teenager might be two).